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Quelle Excitation! Duos!

I like to think I’m all right at a few different aspects of my job, but I definitely have a few specialities which stand above the rest.

One is that I love newbies and nervous guys, putting them through their paces and proving to them that sex is really very easy and fun. Another is that I appreciate the value of some clever talk before and after (and sometimes during!) the action. I’ve never truly been attracted to anyone who didn’t stimulate me intellectually, and my latest discovery is that I’m not alone in that. Most of my favourite appointments fall into these two camps: either involving teaching and exploring sex with someone seeking a safe-space for sexual development, or enjoying an intimate and connected time with someone looking for an uninhibited and genuine GFE. But lately a third type of appointment is coming up in the inside lane: duos, also known as a ‘two-girl’, a threesome, or a moresome, if you can tempt a few more participants into the bed!

Group sex is a long-standing kink of mine, so it’s unsurprising that I do cartwheels whenever a threesome is suggested (that’s right, literal cartwheels … no, I won’t demonstrate). But it can be tricky to find ladies to work with. Firstly, one wants to be sure that the lady is really and truly into girlsex and happy to play on that count. Next, you have to know that you get along with her, and that you mesh well (no pun intended) in a sexual setting. I’ve had the good fortune to find all of this and more whilst working with the lovely Violet Rose. When she’s in London we’re very much available for threesome antics (I’d strongly advise three Weetabix on the morning of your booking.) She’s a delight, and if you like me, you’ll love her.

In addition to Violet, I have a lovely friend who’s just decided she’d like to dip her toe into the world of sex work. My suggestion (knowing that she’s bisexual and perhaps an even bigger fan of threesomes than I am) was that she join me some day for a duo. She’s a friendly, beautiful American redhead, brand-spanking (ehehe) new to the business and full of enthusiasm. I’ll try and get some pictures of her so you can all have a gawp, but in the meantime, rest assured that’s she’s absurdly attractive. She and I will be available for incalls together during the day with a bit of advance notice (I advise four Weetabix at least, and maybe some of those glucose sachets you see runners imbibing, just in case.)

Rosalie O'Connor