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And then there were three …

I never miss an opportunity to bring two of my favourite topics together (or two of my favourite friends, for that matter!), so let’s talk safer sex and threesomes. I love the relaxed feeling that comes with having the bases covered – and the potential for spontaneity and passion is always helped along when everyone knows which way is up (I don’t need to tell you which way is down, I believe in you ;))

There are a few extra considerations when there are a few extra hands (and other things besides) involved:

– Your hands may want to wander and explore. That’s great. The main thing to be mindful of is where they’ve been and where they’re going next! Any fingers that have been inside one person shouldn’t go inside a different person unless they’ve been washed or covered with a condom (you can also try giving each person their very own dedicated hand, if you’re feeling decadent.)
– People’s insides have a very unique biome (we’re getting nerdy here, but bear with me!) and mixing the two up can mean some very unsexy discomfort later. We want to be basking in the ultra-hot memories of the menage-a-trois in the days afterwards, not heading to the nurse’s office, so a little thoughtfulness will go a very long way.
– You probably already know that it’s super important not to have any cross-over between fingers that have been used for anal play and fingers that are going into other areas, but it bears repeating! The same rules as above apply.
– You might well find yourself experiencing the delight that is having sex with one lady and then another in quick succession. Lucky thing. In that case, there are two options for safe sex. One is to change the condom when it’s the other person’s turn to have fun. The other is for both ladies to use ‘femidoms’ instead, which will ensure that everyone’s protected without having to do any quick-fire changes in the middle of the action. Femidoms, for the uninitiated, are safe, latex-free, and – just like condoms -easy to use with a little bit of practice.
– Toys, just like fingers and cocks, should have a new condom on them before they go inside a different person.

Safe, sexy and seriously good fun. Enjoy!

Rosalie O'Connor