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Times, they are a-changin’.

I am now a part-time lady of negotiable affections!

[Pause for effect]

I know, I know. There-there.

The results are double edged. On the one hand, I’m going to have to charge a bit more for one-hour appointments, on the other, I’m going to be having less sex and my lucky client-of-the-day will probably be rugby-tackled to the ground by a horny Irishwoman the moment the door closes. However, the majority of you will probably not be affected much by the changes because you either:

1. Have seen me two or more times, in which case I must like you (I let you come back, didn’t I?). Since I enjoy your company, my rate will remain the same.


2. You like to stay for longer than an hour, in which case the increase is fairly nominal. I much prefer longer bookings, and I’m glad that most of the lovely people who come to see me do too.

I’ve also made some changes here and there on the site (happy hunting!) and there are lots of new photos coming up soon, promise. Till then, here’s one of me unceremoniously straddling Elsie:

Rosalie O'Connor