New or Nervous

Are you shy? New to this? New to sex?

If you’re a shy person or have any worries about sex or intimacy (or any physical issues that require a little creativity and sensitivity) I would be delighted to spend time with you.

I can provide a (hands-on) sort of sex-therapy experience, or simply take extra care of you during the appointment. I have a particular interest in sexuality and dedicate a lot of my time to learning about it. I enjoy helping clients to improve their confidence and their sex life – in the time I’ve been working my on-request sex ‘lessons’* have proven very popular. The opportunity to practice, make mistakes, and get advice in a safe and non-judgemental environment (with someone cute and relaxed!) can make a world of difference.

I’ve had the privilege of seeing some amazing people blossom into charming, communicative and sensitive lovers (and truly excellent snugglers to boot). I also know a lot about sexual health, and will be happy to answer any questions on that front too.

*[Note: You’ll no doubt appreciate that no-one can ‘teach sex’, because every sexual partner is different and new and wonderful. However, it is often useful for people to learn things and practice (it’s all secret passageways and trapdoors and dark corridors until you know where you’re going) and to figure out ways of communicating with a sexual partner before, during and after sex. Having a go at these things allows you to have some confidence in your ability to relax during sex (which is important for getting over the old performance anxiety). You’ll soon see there’s nothing to worry about and that sex is a delightfully imperfect and enjoyable enterprise. How do you know when you’re getting it right? Everyone’s having fun.]

Rosalie O'Connor