Phone: 07803523272

Contact tips:

I can be hard to reach at times as I have many other commitments. If you can’t get through by telephone, please send a text or an email of introduction and (if applicable) suggest a time when you’d like to see me. Don’t leave a voicemail, please, I definitely won’t get it.

- I do respond to texts provided they are polite and nt in txt spk.
- Email is a good way to make an initial enquiry, provided it’s not for a same-day appointment!
- It’s best to send more than one line or a few words, and do include your name!
- I don’t really like voicemails (sorry!), but if you must leave one, please supply your number clearly.
- I never answer unknown numbers. No, not even if you ring 26 times.
- Don’t call me in the middle of the night (or after 10pm, actually), you’ll only make me grumpy.
- IMPORTANT: I won’t discuss any information over the phone which is already available on my website — I’m strict on this one!