Hello and welcome. Have you come in search of a down-to-earth Irish beauty with a perfect hourglass figure and the sort of lilting accent that makes people weak at the knees? If not, I’ll show myself out. Actually, since this is my website – I think I’ll stay, and you can have fun elsewhere.

If I am what you might be looking for, let’s get comfortable together. I’m Rosalie, and I’m an independent London companion. That means that you and I can get together, luxuriate in one another’s company, and part with a lingering kiss (and, very likely, lingering smiles!)

In brief: I’m a light-hearted gal, easy to open up to, and genuine and respectful. My interests include photography, pilates, and writing, as well as reading (everything from trashy memoirs right through to Joyce’s incomprehensibly difficult later works) and the occasional but alarmingly competitive round of Trivial Pursuit. I like to keep up with current affairs, and I love hearing about people’s travels and ambitions.

In bed (in case you were wondering) I’m a sensual tease, and I like to let things build slowly but surely to a breathtaking crescendo. I’m all about communication (I aim for just the right amount – not too much, not too little) and I believe in figuring it out together. I’m not one for the slick, serious sexual encounter which relies on everything miraculously coming together (pardon the pun, if you can.) I live for those little moments – that small shudder of pleasure, the little gasp that means something has just hit exactly the right spot, and hands gripping handfuls of sheets as things edge towards the sublime. Just thinking of it gets me hot and bothered, so I’ll pause here, and let you get on with exploring the rest of the site while I take a cold shower.

But while I’ve still got your attention – I’ll humbly propose a visit to my gallery. There, you’ll get a better sense of the flavour of femme fatale you’re dealing with.




Rosalie O'Connor